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Eliminate overwhelm when entering the online space

No one in the whole world does what you do in the way you do it. People need and want what you have to offer!

You may be thinking, “Yes, I do! But where do I begin? How will people find me and know that I can help them?” With today’s digital technology, your potential customers or clients are not confined to your geographic area. However, the online space may be an unknown for you.

I have learned so much over the years of my entrepreneurial journey, from mentors I have trained with and from some of the mistakes I have made. My mission is to reduce the sense of overwhelm that is common among entrepreneurs when starting out in the online space.

Building an online presence doesn’t have to be expensive

I have gained expertise in discovering economical ways of creating assets to successfully build the online presence you need so your ideal clients can easily find you and know that you can help them with their problem. My goal is to serve you, so you can serve your ideal clients.

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Are you an Amazon Seller? 

Digital asset creator Bonnie Groessl

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I am eager to help you build a successful Amazon business and live the life you deserve.  I am grateful for the mentoring and training I have invested in with top marketing experts in this space.

Being an Amazon Seller and an active member of the Titan Network, an exclusive membership organization for elite Amazon sellers, I have gained depth and insight into the Amazon world.    

Today, I am able to share my skills in graphic design, video production and website creation to help Amazon Sellers build successful businesses. 

I am able to blend NLP and Holistic Entrepreneur skills to create digital assets that enhance conversion rates and generate more sales for e-commerce entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their business.

Building brand awareness is essential to your success. The feel and tone of your product listing and promotional content must convey that your product is exactly what your customer is looking for.

It’s imperative to be mobile ready in today’s e-commerce world 

Amazon on cell phoneThere has never been a more critical time to ensure your website is mobile responsive than right now. More than half of all online shopping takes place on a mobile device, making it essential that your visual assets are mobile-optimized to earn the sale!

You probably use paid ads such as Amazon PPC to drive traffic to your listing, but what does your potential customer see when they get there?

You can increase conversion and boost your sales with quality enhanced brand content (EBC) and the use of engaging video.

The purpose of video PPC is to stop the scroll and win the click. Then your title, images, enhanced brand content and listing can do the work to convert the sale.

The Amazon assets we create are based on proven formulas and tested by Amazon sellers just like you.

What do potential customers see when they get to your listing?

If you are a serious Amazon seller, you are most likely in brand registry. Building your brand awareness is important. Brand registry opens up so many marketing opportunities to set you apart from the competition and win the sale.

Bonnie shares her skills in graphic design skills to create eye-catching, converting images and A+ Content, also called Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). Her expertise in video production and website creation helps Amazon Sellers build successful businesses.


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