What If There Was a Quick and Easy Way For Your Ideal Clients to Find You?

Do you have a yearning to make a difference and impact the world in a bigger way?

Don’t let your song go unsung!


In 2009, life as I knew it stopped. I was in a serious car accident and sustained a severe brain injury, temporarily leaving me in a coma. Three weeks had suddenly disappeared from my life!

I knew in my heart there was a reason I was still here. There was more for me to do.

After many months of therapy, hard work, belief and prayers, I got my brain back …one piece at a time. I went from not being able to walk, feed myself, do simple math or reading to becoming an internet radio and podcast personality, best-selling author and success coach. I help entrepreneurs and small businesses build a strong online presence so their ideal clients and customers can easily find them!

Today my purpose is helping YOU expand YOUR reach, so you can live your dream!

I would love to hear about your goals and dreams. Click here to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with me. We focus on YOU and your goals in this NO obligation session.

If you want to know more about how we can work together, we will schedule a separate time. My promise to you is that you will leave with at least one actionable step you can take right now to move forward.


There are a number of coaching packages available depending on your goals.  All coaching options offer personal time with me on Zoom so we can screen share. Recordings of every call for your personal library. More…

Podcasting Classes

In the past two years The Gift of Choice and The Holistic Entrepreneur podcasts have reached ONE MILLION listeners in more than 50 countries. Learn how you can share your message with the world! More…

Boutique Publishing

Boutique Publishing Services to create a book a quality book you can be proud of. Services include author coaching, editing, formatting, full publishing services and marketing. More…

Expert Business Services

M&B Global Solutions features the talents of the husband-wife team of Mike Dauplaise and Bonnie Groessl providing you with high quality, professional services to grow your business. More…

“I am so incredibly happy with Bonnie Groessl’s Holistic Entrepreneurial Coaching Program. Her incredible support and guidance without putting pressure on me has allowed me to write my first book in 3 weeks. She is a perfect balance of lots of information and step by step guidance to lead you through it.” “My work with Bonnie Groessl has created a platform for my business to build. Although I have been speaking, doing interviews, and writing articles, I did not have the book with my message and thoughts synthesized. Through Bonnie’s incredible support and guidance, that book is complete in both Kindle and paperback, and I am speaking my message clearly. New clients  and speaking gigs have contacted me!”


Coach Betty Louise

Life Coach, Coach Betty Live - California

Thank you so much for all your help, Bonnie. This training was highly inspirational, and I looked forward to every class! I now realize how much I have learned during this short amount of time! Your input and guidance have been invaluable. I especially found the one-on-one coaching very valuable, and it did all the difference for me. This provides me with framework and tools that will be very useful for me in my future marketing, and I have already put the knowledge into practice. I will definitely use this knowledge to get more success in my business.


Powerful YOU - Norway

Before working with Bonnie I was having some problems with focus and clarities around my mission. I was also struggling with imposter syndrome. Within a couple months I figured out the best vehicle for my gift and I got to work on it. I also was able to boost my confidence to a new level.

Currently waiting on my headphones and microphone to record my first podcast episode and I’m PUMPED. On multiple occasions Bonnie went above and beyond our allotted timeframe to help me with certain technical issues that I was having hard time with. I recommend Bonnie to anybody looking to take their journey to the next level!

~Jackson, Hawaii


Increase Life - Kauai

Working with Bonnie has been such a delightful experience! In her Expand Your Reach with Podcasting Master Class, I was able to take a rough idea and create my own podcast show within 4 weeks! In addition to sharing a ton of valuable content, templates, and resources, Bonnie’s step-by-step approach made it easy to understand and implement all of the components necessary to launch a podcast show. This was especially important to me, since I am not very tech savvy at all. I highly recommend Bonnie’s Expand Your Reach Master Class to anyone that wants to venture into the world of podcasting . I learned a tremendous amount in her class without ever feeling overwhelmed. In fact, I remained inspired and laser focused during the whole process! Bonnie is so supportive and I greatly admire her expertise. She is truly committed to your success. Bonnie, you are such a gem to know and work with, and I look forward to a continued relationship with you as I grow my business!


Body of Art - Florida

“Before working with Bonnie, I decided to pursue the challenge to create, develop and deliver Continuing Education programs for Healthcare Professionals in the area of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy skills.  I recognized to achieve this goal within the six month time frame I was given, I would need to secure Bonnie as a project management coach.  Within that time line Bonnie used her counseling and business management skills to develop a plan for direction and action using gentle guidance and support for me.  I know I would never have achieved the goal of developing and completing my project without her guidance and help.

I highly recommend working with Bonnie because of her professional skills and her additional resources she brings to a project and the commitment she gives to her costumer.”

Carla Hedtke

Trigger Point Therapist, NEW Rehabilitation Services - Green Bay, WI

If I could package Bonnie up, or even better, carry her on my shoulder throughout the day – I’d be light years ahead of where I am now.  Luckily she makes it easy for me to access her when I need help with my business, or a tweaking with my newest idea.  Thank you Bonnie!  I am eternally grateful for all your support and professional wisdom!”



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