“I help holistic practitioners build a strong online presence,

so they can attract and retain more of their ideal patients” 

Imagine if your ideal clients could easily find you and see you as the expert who can help them. If you’re like most small business owners, you probably don’t know where to start or have the time to make this happen.

In my role as a business coach and online marketing services provider, I help my clients share their message effectively, fill their schedules with ideal clients and grow their business. My passion lies in helping you reach business goals faster than you thought possible so you can achieve the abundance you deserve.

I began my career in the healthcare industry and moved on to become a best-selling author, international podcast host and business coach Together with my husband, Mike Dauplaise, I own M&B Global Solution Inc., a virtual marketing team that provides expert marketing services.

We serve entrepreneurs and small businesses who don’t have the time or desire to execute the content marketing strategies needed to grow their business. Does that sound like you? We specialize in content marketing in written, video and audio formats, as well as website design and optimization. In addition to our business consulting and marketing services, we operate a boutique publishing company.

You will find valuable business tips and strategies on my weekly podcasts, “The Holistic Entrepreneur.” The show is available on numerous podcast directories. You can easily access every episode here on the website. CLICK HERE for the podcast page. My books and guided meditation audios are available on Amazon and other online stores.

I’d love to assist you in optimizing your online presence so you can attract your ideal customers and enjoy the abundance you deserve.



Bonnie Groessl

Services and Classes

Private Coaching

Every entrepreneur and business is unique. Your goals, time frame and where you are in your journey are specific to you. My coaching services include “done-with-you”and “done-for-you” services as well as mentoring, consulting and training.

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Content Marketing Services

M&B Global Solutions features the talents of the husband-wife team of Mike Dauplaise and Bonnie Groessl providing you with high quality, professional services to grow your business.

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Expand Your Reach with Podcasting Master Class

Podcasting is an effective tool to grow your business
(and your income) by increasing visibility, connections, potential clients, opportunities and credibility! More about the “Expand Your Reach with Podcasting Master Class.”

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M&B Publishing

Imagine how excited you will be when we finally have a finished product that’s ready for release. As the publisher, we perform a series of steps that makes your book available to a worldwide audience in both print and digital versions. 

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If I could package Bonnie up, or even better, carry her on my shoulder throughout the day – I’d be light years ahead of where I am now.  Luckily she makes it easy for me to access her when I need help with my business, or a tweaking with my newest idea.  Thank you Bonnie!  I am eternally grateful for all your support and professional wisdom!”

Arden (California)

“I am so incredibly happy with Bonnie Groessl’s Holistic Entrepreneurial Coaching Program. Her incredible support and guidance without putting pressure on me has allowed me to write my first book in 3 weeks. She is a perfect balance of lots of information and step by step guidance to lead you through it.” “My work with Bonnie Groessl has created a platform for my business to build. Although I have been speaking, doing interviews, and writing articles, I did not have the book with my message and thoughts synthesized. Through Bonnie’s incredible support and guidance, that book is complete in both Kindle and paperback, and I am speaking my message clearly. New clients and speaking gigs have contacted me!”

Betty (California)