What do people see online when they search your name or business? Do you have an online presence? Can the people who want what you have find you online? Creating an online “platform” or presence is essential for any entrepreneur.

Where do you go first to find the answer to something? If you are like most people you use your favorite search engine and ask the question or search for an individual or business to answer your question an solve your problem. Here are 5 FREE things you can do right now to begin growing that online presence and be found!

Social Media

  • Create fan pages and business pages in addition to your personal pages
  • Create a professional-looking profile and add your contact information, website and/or blog to the profile


  • Create a dedicated channel for your business
  • Create 1-2 minute videos to populate the channel quickly


  • Free platforms (wordpress.com, blogger.com, etc.)
  • You do not need to pay for hosting or domains on these platforms

Podcast or Talk Radio Show 

  • Free 30-minute online show on BlogTalkRadio.com (one example)
  • Free 30-minute podcast hosted on Spreaker (one example)

Publish on Amazon

  • Write a book as short as 7,000 words that solves a problem, shares a message or teaches something
  • Have someone edit it (we don’t see our own mistakes)
  • Record an audio such as a guided meditation or tell a story, and publish it on Amazon.