Who Needs Your Message?

Who is your audience or your target market? Think about who will benefit from the message you have to share. We all have so much valuable information that can help so many. Let’s say you want to share your message in a book that will reach the world.

It’s been said that an average author writes the book they want, and then works at marketing it. A best-selling author discovers what their audience/ideal reader wants and needs, and then writes the book to meet that want or need.

Build Your Business from Your Book

How do people find you or your book? Do they know you’re out there and that you can help them? That you’re just waiting to help them solve their problem?

It’s been said that the best business card of today is a published book. Your book is an excellent vehicle to build your brand and your business. If you are a fiction writer, being able to provide escape from the reader’s reality is a wonderful gift to be able to share.