Do you love your life? Do you feel abundant? Abundance can mean lots of things, such as good health, relationships, family, friends, financial security and a sense of happiness.

How about your life’s work? Do you love what you do in terms of your work? Remember, if you are a stay-at-home mom or housewife, that’s work, too!  Do you wake up in the morning feeling excited about the new day, or is there something missing?

Maybe you are in a job that doesn’t fulfill you. Perhaps you are just putting in your time, but not really enjoying it. It could be that you feel as though there must be something more. Perhaps you are afraid to make a change and spread your wings. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure…or success are common barriers to moving forward.

Maybe you worry about the future or providing for your family and loved ones. Financial fears hold many of us from really living our dream. Life is too short not to live your dream. Do you know what you want? What would your dream life look like? We don’t often really spend the time to reflect on this.

This is a simple exercise I often do with clients. I call it the miracle question…

If a miracle happened tonight while you were sleeping, and tomorrow morning you woke up and everything was as you wanted it to be, your miracle life. What would that look like? How would you feel?

Imagine being there now and how it feels to enjoy this miracle. I would suggest spending time each day imagining this dream life, really feeling as though you are already there.

How much of the time do your thoughts of worry, scarcity or fear consume your mind versus the amount of time you feel as though you already have your miracle life? Miracles do happen, but we must believe they can!