The Gift of Choice Show hosted by entrepreneurial coach and holistic nurse practitioner, Bonnie Groessl airs every Monday at 3 am Central Time and reaches people in over 60 countries around the world.

Bonnie and her guests offer information and motivation each week to help you live your dream and attain the health, happiness and abundance you deserve.

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Audience: Those interested in general well-being, the mind-body-spirit connection and living a life they love.

The Holistic Entrepreneur is listened to world-wide in over 65 countries. Join holistic nurse practitioner Bonnie Groessl, MSN, and her guests each week for tips and strategies you can use on your holistic entrepreneur journey. Leverage the positive energy and knowledge of this supportive community to successfully navigate the challenges in front of you and create the career of your dreams.

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Audience: Holistic-minded entrepreneurs (online and offline) Start up phase and those wanted to grow their business to the next level.


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Agreement – Usage of Content

I acknowledge that Bonnie Groessl (host) has given me full permission to use the podcast recording in any way I desire, as long as I give credit to Bonnie Groessl and the show (“The Holistic Entrepreneur” of “The Gift of Choice”) when I use this content.

I authorize permission for Bonnie Groessl to full use of the content of our interview.

I understand that by participating as a guest, I am giving permission for my audio recording and transcript (if applicable) to become part of Bonnie’s podcast series, blog, and other products, etc.  Additionally, I understand that my interview may be selected to be featured as part of publications such as e-books or print books.

If applicable: I agree to send the Host a pdf copy of a book I will be talking about on the show at least 1 week prior to the interview.

I agree to promote my interview on the podcast via a solo email, social media, newsletter, etc. when it is aired. I acknowledge that Bonnie (host) will send me links to share before the show airs and will also promote the interview when it airs.

HEADSET: The Podcast will be pre-recorded using audio only. To assure the best recording possible, please use a headset (or microphone) for the interview via Zoom. The Zoom link is below. 

When you rely on your computer’s mic alone, the sound is much lower quality. iPhone headphones or a $20 headset usually work just fine. It’s extremely important to be in a place where your Wi-Fi is strong. If you have bad internet coverage, the audio might freeze.

*If you have a book you will be talking about, please send a pdf copy of the book.

* Please provide a backup phone number where you can be reached at the time of your interview in case there is a problem.