Private Angel Reading

Angel Readings can offer guidance and clarity as you move forward as an entrepreneur or simply life in general. We all deserve the health, happiness and abundance we desire!  There is more to our lives than the work we do. Often we benefit from messages about our health, relationships, finances, etc.

We are never alone. Our angels and guides are always with us. Since we enjoy free will and have the gift of choice, the angels cannot intervene without our asking. When you ask for a reading, you are exercising your right of free will and choice.

I am honored to serve as an instrument passing on information the angels have for you. This can be in regard to a particular question or simply guidance to move forward. Before each reading, I connect with God, my angels and guides, as well as your angels and guides, to deliver the most valid and useful information for your highest good.

Comprehensive multi-deck readings provide valuable insights and guidance regardless of where you are on your journey. Oftentimes the angels’ messages are reminders of what we know at a soul level.

You will gain insights and a deep connection to your Spiritual Team so you can release any fears that may be holding you back from your highest potential. You deserve to have the life you want and share your gifts in a way that fulfill your life purpose.

I feel blessed for the opportunity to provide this service for you.


One-Hour Private Angel Reading and Coaching Session with Bonnie

$120 USD

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I look forward to communicating your angel’s message and guidance to you


What others are saying…

“When I booked my angel reading with Bonnie I had no idea just how timely it would really be. The messages that came through on the day of my appointment were so appropriate that they could only be Divinely guided! Each one served to remind, reassure and re-affirm all that I knew intuitively but had blocked out because of being in the throes of overwhelm and emotion.

I came out of my reading with Bonnie feeling like I was indeed going in the right direction, and with a renewed focus for my life and career. Bonnie was great an explaining each message and describing themes that emerged. She is a kind and compassionate conduit to the angelic realm and I feel grateful to have her in my back pocket when I need clarity and guidance. I would definitely recommend having an angel reading with Bonnie if you are feeling stuck, unfulfilled or needing clarity and confirmation in your life or business.”

~ Ramona Remesat – Intutiive Mindset Coach (Canada)

“The reading was very accurate, very appropriate and I was very pleasantly surprised. Bonnie is professional. It has been a good advice for this time that is a turning point in my life.
Thank you so much! Highly recommended.”

~ Maripier – Montreal, Canada

“I have been lucky to personally know Bonnie for many years. I have always found great insight from Bonnie’s Angel card readings. Bonnie is truly a conduit of the Angels messages. Her readings have given me guidance and peace through messages I needed to hear. The experience that Bonnie has as a life coach gave me so much more detail to the readings. Having the reading available electronically has given me the opportunity to go back and further reflect on her words. I love hearing her healing message the Angels have for me. I’ve been truly blessed to have Bonnie in my life as my earthly Angel. She is truly a gift to others through her Angel card readings. Bonnie’s Angel card readings are a powerful and must for everyone.” 

From my heart,
Kathy, Wisconsin USA

“What I love about receiving an Angel Reading with Bonnie Groessl is the way the topics all fitted together and made absolute sense in my current situation. I found the reading to be encouraging, uplifting and helpful for focusing on what’s important in my day to day life.

I recommend this experience because Bonnie allows you to focus on one or two questions and simply passes on the thoughts she receives. I like the way Bonnie is filled with enthusiasm and obviously loves the work she does. The recorded audio is also a real bonus. Thanks so much, Bonnie.”    

~ Sophie – Hamburg, Germany

“My Angel Card reading with Bonnie was fabulous!  It was helpful in solidifying some thoughts I’d been having about my direction.  It also reinforced what I have heard from others over the years – Bonnie is just that good!!  I’d recommend Bonnie as she has wonderful insights and I know she’ll be helpful with the answers you’re looking for.”

~ Karen Luniw – The Law of Attraction Center (Canada)

“I found the Angel reading from Bonnie Groessl insightful and accurate.  She confirmed what I already knew and added additional insight.  Her reading answered questions that I did not seem to find an answer for.  In addition, I really like having an mp3 of my reading, the photographs of the cards, and a written summary.  I recommend this experience.”

~ Alex, Mesa – AZ (USA)

“I just had an angel reading with Bonnie Groessl. As an Intuitive healing coach myself, I was excited to have someone read for me. I was struck by the insight that was provided for my past, present and future. The information I received was invaluable for me moving forward and recognizing that I am indeed on the best path, moving as I need to. The reading provided me excellent reminders of where I need to focus so that I remain grounded and still to feed my soul. Bonnie is gifted in so many ways. Her angel card readings are insightful, fun and certainly an important part of our soul’s journey.”

~ Jennifer Elizabeth – California USA

“Thank you very much for your time and introspection to heal us for a better life and future.  My family and I are indebted to you! Not only did you tell me how to solve problems such as eating healthier, taking time to create a GOD box to stop worry and fear as I have worried about Global Warming, children unable to read-write, poverty of the homeless and animals etc. In addition, I worry about the future of our world. I have said multiple prayers for you in the work you do.”

Bless you for your efforts.

~ Irene – Texas, USA

What I love about receiving an Angel Reading with Bonnie Groessl is the way she explains the context in a friendly & conversational manner. Her reading was very insightful and provided terrific food for thought. Provided clarity on some of the questions that I had been grappling with at this time. I recommend this experience because everyone needs help from their Angels whether you realize it or not. Taking pause out of the craziness of our everyday lives will help to propel you further and quicker than if you do not. Thanks Bonnie!”

~ Jodi – Montreal Canada

“What I love about receiving an Angel Reading with Bonnie Groessl is that she was clear and knowledgable in her communication, and she also combined her experience as a coach, which made the reading even more helpful to me. The reading was inspiring, she put into words and confirmed things for me, that will help me be even more focused in my path ahead. I recommend this experience because it was helpful in re. to seeing my uniqueness, and where I can use my potential in the best possible way!”

Thank you, Bonnie!”
~Anne – Norway

“I just received an Angel Reading with Bonnie Groessl and loved the use of Skype to see and talk to Bonnie directly. Seeing her in person while I was not on camera was a wonderful way to interact with her in the comfort of my home.

I was impressed with her explanation of the reading and inspired by the message that was provided to me. She explained each cards purpose and its message in a warm and caring manner. My Angel Card reading was fun because Bonnie knows the cards well and explains their meaning from the heart!

If you want a reading from a “connected person” then Bonnie is the go-to person to trust you will receive a real message. I wholeheartedly recommend having a personal Angel Card reading with Bonnie Groessl if you want to be inspired, need to recharge your internal thought processes, or would like an answer to a life question.”

~ Jeanne – Livermore Canada

“What I loved about receiving an Angel Reading with Bonnie Groessl is her ability to use her intuition in reading the cards.  I found the reading to be very helpful and the messages that came through were applicable to my situation at this time.  I recommend this experience because the messages received clarified some of the issues that I am working on and also provided tools that I could apply to my situation. Thanks again Bonnie.”

~ Elizabeth – Alberta, Canada

“What I love about receiving my Angel reading with Bonnie Groessl is that I felt it was relevant and spoke directly to me. The messages were exactly what I needed to hear, and really reflected what I felt inside. My angel reading reminded me not to worry, and that many great things start out as a seed. I really needed to hear this because I had been working on some projects, and feel discouraged “lack of progress.” I was reminded to take care of myself and connect with my fun and playful side.

I found the reading to be very accurate, and it affirmed all inner work I had been doing to improve myself I was encouraged to be authentic and to just allow myself to be ME without needing other people’s approval or permission. I recommend this experience because it is such a nice way of receiving insights and reflecting on the past, present, and future. I recommend it because it is a safe way to go deeper into knowing yourself, and exploring the next step of your evolution.”

~Shannon – California, USA

What I love about receiving an Angel Reading with Bonnie Groessl is her clarity and accuracy. I found the reading to be wise and encouraging. I recommend this experience because it has given me new hope where I had almost lost it.”

~ Antonia – Spain

“Thank you for a lovely angel card reading. You confirmed what I needed before and after my cataract eye surgery. The massages have been very powerful. You spurred me to ask the correct questions of my doctor and allay many of the fears and you reminded me to call in the angels to assist with the rest so that I didn’t have to deal with everything on my own. Surgery went well and I was able to ask for help from several people.

As a result of this surgery many other areas of my life are supported with clearer vision as well.
Thank you and the angels so much for the support I needed to prepare myself. I am happy to recommend the supportive and loving environment you bring in all you do. Thanks again.”

~ Rita Santa – Clara CA USA

“I recently had an angel card reading from Bonnie. For me, it’s always a reminder how close the angels are to us, and to keep asking and keep listening. Having a reading is one way to keep listening and acting on their messages. I work closely with my angels and this reading was a confirmation and validation for me. Thank you so much, Bonnie!”

~ Dr. Jo Anne White, Award-Winning, Bestselling  Author, speaker, certified Coach and Energy Master Teacher

“What I love about receiving an Angel Reading with Bonnie Groessl is the joy she shares with each Angel’s Divine message offering guidance to help me learn and grow.  

I found the reading to be inspiring and relevant as Bonnie described how the Angel’s messages related to my life’s path.  The timing of my Angel Reading and messages were “spot on” with emotions whirling in a vortex of family health issues. 

I recommend this experience because the Angels offered insight, clarified my path and provided me with a grounding focus to carry with me – always.” 

With Love & Gratitude-

~ Sharmay – Wisconsin, USA