Create Your Signature Talk

  • Develop your signature talk for use in multiple formats (live and virtual)
  • Create a host friendly media kit
  • Discover how to identify the best podcasts to promote your message
  • Effectively pitch your guest appearance
  • Explore strategies to showcase your expertise and show that you have valuable content to share
  • Prepare your signature talk title, talking points and potential interview questions
  • Referrals to other speaking opportunties
  • Build your platform and online presence

Learn How to Create a Successful and Profitable Virtual Summit Today!


Learn how to enhance your credibility, interview like a pro and build relationships with experts in your field.
Build you email list and quickly increase your credibility and visibility, by hosting a virtual summit.
  • Mentoring, support, accountability and guidance
  • Identify tools and resources that serve you best
  • Improve your interviewing skills
  • Develope clarity and effective planning for a successful virtual summit
  • Discover how to connect with potential speakers
  • Effectely communitate and follow up with speakers
  • Effective emails campaign for participants during your virtual summit
  • Post Summit campaign to generate revenue
  • Build an ongoing relationship with your new subscribers and become an authority in your new community
  • Organize and develop systems to enhance your productivity

**Templates and swipe files provided