Who is your audience or your target market? Think about who will benefit from the message you have to share. We all have so much valuable information that can help so many. Let’s say you want to share your message in a book that will reach the world.

It’s been said that an average author writes the book they want, and then works at marketing it. A best-selling author discovers what their audience/ideal reader wants and needs, and then writes the book to meet that want or need.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write the book that you want; it’s still your book and your message. However, spending some time thinking about who your reader is before you start writing will influence how you share that message.

Do you know who your audience is? Who is going to want buy your book? What will people be searching for to find it? How much are they like you?

We often want to write about subjects that interest us. You can do some exploring on Amazon and read reviews of similar books to get some clues. You can really learn a lot by reading reviews for books in your genre.

Here is a list to help you identify the person who is your ideal reader. This will help you define your audience and the people who are eager to buy your book.

You can use Amazon to do some research. Look at other published books in your genre or on your topic. Get as close to what your book will be as possible. Read the reviews.

I know this might take some time, but it is well worth it. You can discover what people like and don’t like by reading reviews. When searching your niche or genre, look at a few books with at least several reviews. Read the reviews and jot down things that people say they like and what their criticisms are. This will give you a good idea of what your audience wants, likes and what they find valuable. Now you know what to include in your book to make it a bestseller.

You can also search your topic in forums and blogs. Just enter the topic in your favorite search engine and add the word “forum” or “blog” to it. Blogs should have comments that you can read as well. If there are no comments, the blog is probably not widely read or engaging.

Good forums to look at should have a lot of activity and recent posts. You can also look at the membership list. A large membership and an active forum can give you more information about what your audience wants and needs.

Writing your book in a way to fulfill the wants and needs of your audience will help make your back-end marketing much easier and increase your likelihood of achieving bestseller status.

Knowing your ideal reader is the first essential step to writing a bestseller that generates sales and great reviews. You want people to buy your book and actually read it. A book that really helps people leads to good reviews.

It’s human nature to want to thank someone for helping us. Leaving a glowing review is one way to do that. A good guideline to remember is: Average authors follow their own agenda; bestselling authors focus on their customers’ agenda.

There are so many other ways you can promote your book and share the message you are meant to. For more information on author coaching, publishing and marketing your book, please visit  www.mandbglobalsolutions.com.