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The Always Open Shop

Mike and Bonnie are focused on health and well-being. Bonnie is a holistic nurse practitioner and takes pride in creating guided meditation audios and other wellness products such as essential and carrier oils. Mike and Bonnie research and hand select each product based on their quality, value, effectiveness, and ability to add to your quality of life.

M&B Publishing

Imagine how excited you will be when we finally have a finished product that’s ready for release. As the publisher, we perform a series of steps that makes your book available to a worldwide audience in both print and digital versions. 

Private Coaching

Every entrepreneur and business is unique. Your goals, time frame and where you are in your journey are specific to you. My coaching services include “done-with-you”and “done-for-you” services as well as mentoring, consulting and training.

Content Marketing Services

M&B Global Solutions features the talents of the husband-wife team of Mike Dauplaise and Bonnie Groessl providing you with high quality, professional services to grow your business.

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